Beth Alligood for City Council

Beth Alligood for City Council

Beth Alligood

Hi, my name is Beth Alligood and I am running for Provo City Council in District 4. I have been Lakeview North’s Neighborhood Chair for over 4 years. I currently sit on the Neighborhood Advisory Board and the Police Department’s Citizen’s Advisory Board. I have worked on the West Side Policy Committee and am a part of the West Side Master Planning Committee. I want to be a voice for you. I’m running for City Council because I believe in citizen involvement and improving our communities.

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  1. I also live on the west side about a mile from the lake. I have heard the Mayor say that she knows we need a supermarket on the west side, and that Smith’s may still consider building here. Isn’t this part of Provo the fastest developing part of Provo? Can’t this project be given greater consideration?

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